Police Costume

Police Costume for Women - A sexy and daring costume. Have a blast at your next Halloween event in a Police Costume. Available in women regular and plus sizes. A Police Costume for Ladies will be a hit at your next event. Choose from various styles at a cheap costume price.

Freeze! You have the right to remain hauntingly irresistible! You have the right to wear a Police Costume that will explicitly show off your ability to command the villains who surround you at this upcoming costume party! If you do not have a Police Costume, Wonder Costumes will provide one for you, and we have some magnificent options! This night is going to be an adventure, and you need to be well prepared with the tools to keep the bad guys under control. I suggest the Corrections Officer Costume, which equips your with a chain belt, hand-cuffs and a billy club. The costume is a short, button up tan dress with a black cap and a black neck-tie. You’ll also receive a badge that says, “Department of Corrections,” just in case anybody misinterprets your authority and gets too rambunctious. If you’re not into buttons, the Police Officer Zip Dress Costume might be more the style you need to enforce law and order. The black zip dress and police cap exhibit a powerful representation of your command over men. Of course, peaceful demonstration and a badge are not always enough to settle the more unruly of ne’er-do-wells, and you might require a Sexy Dirty Cop Costume for when things get sticky. This short black dress with garters, a black belt, tie, gloves and a hand radio will succinctly quell any unrest among the perps. Do your country a service as a law upholding citizen and let us help you find the Police Costume that you need to get the rabble under control.