Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costumes for Women - Transform into any number of different incarnations of these charming undead with a Vampire Costume. Find Halloween Vampire Costumes and Accessories for ladies including plus size costumes at affordable prices.

Who is that lady strutting down the sidewalk on the blackest darkest nights? Not the average streetwalker; this pale beauty dressed in black doesn't want your money; she is starving for your blood! She is a Vampiress!

Vampires have become very popular in the past years. People find these nocturnal creatures fascinating and intriguing. For that reason movies and television series about vampires have been a great success. Examples of successful productions are: Dracula, True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries among many others. When looking for a costume many women like to buy vampire outfits since they are elegant, mysterious, and gothic. If you want to be part of this vampire mania feel free to browse our Vampire Costumes exclusive selection where you will find a numerous amount of beautiful dresses and nice accessories that will make you the most gorgeous vampiress no one has ever seen.

Our Sexy Vampire Costumes for ladies denote the fearsome dual threat that these women possess in great magnitude, extreme beauty and extraordinary strength. Transform into any number of different incarnations of these charming undead with the lady Blood Vampiress Costume, a long gown colored in black dissolving into a dark red base, or the Blue Vampiress Costume, which comprises of a black and blue gown with ankh symbols. There are multitudes of elegant styles for anybody seeking a Vampiress outfit! Find the costume that suits you best for your night out, but make sure you get back home before dawn. Become a blood-sucking beauty tonight!