Gangster Costumes

Gangster Costume for Women - Be just like Bonnie and Clyde. We have a risky selection of Gangster Costumes for women of all sizes. Choose from Hitgirl Costume, Mobster Costume, Gangsta Lady Costume, and many more. All of our Gangster costumes are a hit at your Halloween event.

Working hard is for suckers. You know that it's easy enough to enjoy the finer things in life, caviar, exclusive parties, a bed covered in blankets and moneybags--so long as you don't mind firing a tommy gun once in a while. And when you are wearing the right Sexy Gangster Costume, all the officers look the other way, except for those times when they can’t help gawking directly at you! The Sexy Gangster Costume includes a black fedora, a white belt and a short, black and white pinstripe dress that will convince any crimelord that you belong at the top of the V.I.P. list. When you dress in that Hitgirl Costume, with the black and pink pinstripe dress with a matching fedora and a pink collar, you hardly need to take good aim. The boys have seen all there is to see and are massacred with smiles on their faces. With other ridiculous, hot, and ridiculously hot designs like the Glitzy Gangster Costume and the Bunny Gangster Costume, we are the one stop costume shop for showing your man where to put the “sex” into Sexy Gangster Costume.